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Welcome to our website, this is our first effort to bring to the information relevant news about Ramanathan Hindu Ladies’ College, Old Girls’ Associations.  Many old students and well wishers of our association who are starved of information may find the contents of our pages useful. The quality of what you see can be improved if you give your feedback.




  • General meeting – 29th September 2018
  • Childrens’ day
  • Teachers’ day

Message from President

It gives me great pleasure to inscribe a message and convey my best wishes to the launching of the OGA website as its president.

The Old Girls’ Association of Ramanathan Hindu Ladies’ College is an active and vibrant organization, fostering fellowship amongst its members and rendering assistant to the school in many ways. Whilst upholding the spirit of unity, I know this capable team will organize many meaningful and exciting events in the time to come.

As old girls, you should love your Alma matter as your mother because it is the place that laid the foundation to your life and had made you what you are today. Your continuous support is very much needed to strengthen the state of our school and its future development. Therefore, I humbly invite all the past students to join with your OGA and contribute to the betterment of your Alma matter.
It is inspiring to see some of our past pupils attend our school function which gives a warm feeling of ‘one family unbroken’ on these occasions. Do remember that your school will always be there for you and please feel free to visit whenever you feel the need to go down memory lane.

I highly appreciate your commitment and contribution to this task launching a website which will carry the fame and glory of your Alma matter, to every nook and corner of the world. Moreover, I extend my sincere wishes for all your future endeavours.

May Lord Varasitti Vinayahar shower his abundant blessings upon you.

Mrs. Kothai Nagularajah


Message from Secretary

Dear friends,

Greetings from Secretaries desk.

I express my gratitude as I shoulder the responsibility of Secretary of the OGA RHLC. First thing first. I thank you all for giving this responsibility. I thank all of you, for carrying the batten until now and handing it to me.

I look forward to carrying out projects which would worth and benefit on a long term for the association.

Also, I am looking forward to bring in more members and work together towards our Moto “unity is strength”

I would be much obliged to have many active members along with us who would also bring in many ideas which we along together can make them possible.

let us pave the way to a brighter tomorrow.

Chandrakala Subramaniam