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The Old Girls’ Association of Ramanathan Hindu Ladies’ College Colombo functioning since 1991.It has remained the backbone of Ramanthan Hindu Ladies’ College in all occasions whatever was possible.

The Original aim is to meet, discuss, procure and provide the necessary requirements for the advancement of all welfare means as may be conductive to the interest and well-being of the past and present students of our school.

Our aim is also to make the Ramadians stay in touch with each and their beloved Alma Mater. We are also working towards maintaining fellowship and unity among members, focusing true spirit of service towards our Alma Matter. The Association makes a significant constitution to the progress of the school and the Ramadian Society.



In 1991 The Old Girls Association of Ramanathan Hindu Ladies’ College was inaugurated under the guideness of the Principal, Mrs.R.Sivagurunathan. Mrs.R.Sivagurunathan, the Principal of Ramanathan Hindu Ladies’ College was elected as the first President; Miss.Sivamanjula Sivalingam as the Vice President. It is with the pride we say that the Association comprised of only 25 members then, now comprises panoramic amount of Ramadians.




The Association was named the Old Girls’ Association of Ramanathan Hindu Ladies’ College.


  • To Meet, Discuss, Procure and Provide necessary requirements for the advancement of all welfare means as may be conductive to the interest and well-being of the past and present students of Ramanathan
  • Hindu Ladies’ College.
  • To promote the Cultural, Social, Educational and Religious Activities.
  • Promotion of English, Education, Science & Technology, Sports and Games.
  • Promote the Traditional Arts among present and past Students Island wide.
  • Establishing mutual understanding and cordial relationship with other such organization and thereby procuring the same to the school.
  • Procuring the same to the school.
  • Serving our Alma Mater.
  • Promoting sisterhood among the old girls.




Founders of our School

Standing tall in the western part of the capital city of Sri Lanka is our proud college for Hindu Ladies. It had its humble beginnings in 1981 with two teachers and twenty six students. Founder, father of our nation Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan whose memory this institution perpetuates. In addition to this there were many who felt the urgent need to create for the Colombo based Hindu Ladies an eminent institution to give the aura of Hinduism and help them to receive and hand down the rich Hindu Cultural heritage, we take pride in. To realize this dream the chief incumbent of the New Kathiresan temple the revered R.M.Palaniyappa Chettiar in a self sacrificing gesture came forward to donate part of the Nandhavanam of the temple in order to build this college. It is most praiseworthy that he sacrificed the temple land realizing the greater urgency of a proper education for Hindu Ladies in this country.

On 05.12.1979 there was a consultative meeting convened by Mr.S.Sangaralingam the principal of Hindu College to discuss the founding of a college for Hindu Ladies. At that meeting an executive committee was elected with Mr.C.Ranganathan QC at the helm. This committee had a meeting on 18.12.1979 with the higher officials of the Ministry of Education and with their approval this new college was given the name “RAMANATHAN HINDU LADIES’ COLLEGE”. At the same meeting it was decided to begin the Kinder Garden and Grade 06 during the first itself.

The foundation was laid during the auspicious time between 8.45 a.m-9.15 am on 14.11.1980-by Mr.C.Ranganthan QC, Mr.D.M.Swaminathan and Mr.Sangaralingam. Until such time the building was completed the classes were going on in the Hindu college premises. The inauguration of the Ramanathan Hindu Ladies’ College in its proper new premises was officially held during the auspicious time between 10.48-11.48 am on Monday 19.01.1981.Its was accompanied by the traditional Hindu Religious ceremonies.

Having inaugurated the college the responsibility of choosing a competent Principal to realize the purpose of this college was the need of the hour. To fulfill this need Mrs.G.Puvanarajan was appointed as the Principal on 10.02.1981. Along with her there were the following who served as teachers in the early stages. Mrs.P.Sivasubramaniam, Mrs.M.Arunagirinathan, Miss.P.Senthiiraja and Miss.V.Navaratnam, Miss.P.Nagalingam and Mrs.S.Tharmaratnam who were in the staff of Hindu college were of remarkable assistant to this new institution. Following this in 1982 with the help of the Minister of Education Hon.Rani Wickremasinghe and a group of well wishers on the 25th of June the first three storied building (A Block) was declared opened by his Excellency the President Mr.J.Jayawardena.On 10.05.1983 the famous devotee of the Lord Murugan the venerable Kirubananda Varriyar visited our college and at the request of Mrs.G.Puvanarajah the library was declared open by him. In the same year foundation stone for the second building (“D” block) was laid. From 26.10.1983 to 01.03.1984 Mrs.K.Kumarasamy served as acting Principal, on account of the inevitable circumstances which prevailed in the country.

Then followed the period of principal ship of Mrs.K.Suntharalingam who was appointed on 01.03.1984.She did her best for the progress of the college during her entire tenure of office as Principal. In 1986 the college reached the age of five. To remark this occasion a souvenir magazine carrying the articles by the students was published thereby realizing a long cherished dream. At this stage was held the very first prize day in the school.

Following the retirement of Mrs.K.Suntharalingam, during the period 04.03.1987 to 14.09.1987 Miss.K.Somasundram did her best as acting Principal. Once again Mrs.G.Puvanarajan who served as Principal at the early stages of the school was appointed Principal on 15.09.1987 and went on till 05.12.1988.She excelled herself in her service for the progress of the school.

From 06.12.1988 to 30.06.2003 marks the remarkable period of the Principal ship of Mrs.R.Sivagurunathan.In the history of the college this fifteen year period will always be remembered. When Mrs.R.Sivagurunathan took charge of the administration on this college there were only eighteen teachers and four hundred and ninety six students. The need to create a strong Hindu cultural atmosphere for the college was deeply felt. As a consequence in 1989 a Temple for the Lord Vinayagar was established in the college by the chief incumbent of the New Kathiresan temple Venerable Rama Palaniappa chettiar. Following this the construction work progressed rapidly and on Thursday 15.03.1990 the Kumbabishegam ceremony held. This was followed by the 48 days. Mandalaabisheham celebrated by the Hindu Union and 28.04.1990 the Shri Varasithy Vinayagar Mandalaabisheham souvenir too was released.

The remarkable outstanding educational and co-curricular achievements of some of the pupils which made this institution rise to the standard of a National school on December 9th 1994.This was also due to the ceaseless efforts made by the Principal, Deputy Principal and the teaching staff of the college. Having taken note of such remarkable growth of this college the Sri Lanka Association of the Advancement of Education had praise for the  administrative excellence of the principals Mrs. .Sivagurunathan and gave her the singular honor of being one among the few principals of Sri Lanka to receive the gold medal of excellence. This bestows lasting honor and fame to the history of this August institution dedicated to the education of Hindu women.

In 1999 the long felt need of a vehicle for the school was fulfilled through the generosity of teachers, parents, students, past pupils and well wishers. It is presently registered in the name of the Old Girls’ Association.

There was the “Key Walk” that took place on the 19th October 2002 organized in view of the 21st year celebration. This was followed by the Trade and Fun Fair on the 20th and 21st October 2002.

In 2003 following the circular from the Ministry of Education with the cooperation of our teachers the English Medium stream was introduced beginning with grade 6.With the retirement of the principal Mrs.R.Sivagurunathan on 30.06.2003.Miss.B.Vanniasingam took over as acting principal. On 05.11.2003 Mrs.S.M.Kailainathan took over the administration as principal. During this period curricular, co-curricular activities and the overall physical development of the institution progressed. All classrooms were provided with speaker families and an automatic bell was also provided for the school. The principal’s office room and the school hall were renewed. With the help of parent the entrance and the parapet walls of the school have been renewed and embellished. As the fruit of the efforts of the principal Mrs.S.M.Kailainathan a canopied shelter had been constructed at the entrance of the college with the help from the Lions club of Colombo 306B.a children’s park for the primary students with all the play facilities was constructed.

The inauguration of the silver jubilee year took place on the 19th January 2006, during a colorful ceremony held in the Saraswathy hall, Bambalapitya. As a continuation of this was held the silver jubilee walk on 08.09.2006.Then followed on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of September 2006 the trade and fun fair.

A t the end of the silver jubilee era Mrs.Kothai Nagularajah assumed duties as performing principal from 03.01.2007 and continues to serve for the upliftment of the school. She prepared the vision and mission to lead the students to be successful in the 21st century and has been guiding the student and teachers. The stated of god of Goddess Saraswathy was constructed in the middle of the school with the help of a well-wisher. A computer lab was established with the help of former ministry of Education Hon.Susil Premajayantha. An English resource room was assigned considering the importance of English Language development. A foundation was laid for a three storied building with co-operation of the old girls to sort out the problem of the lack of classrooms for the students the money was collected through a program attended by Actor Vineeth from India. Knowing the problems of students the toilets of primary & senior sections were renovated, painting of the school building, repairing of roofs, painting of furniture according to 5S establishment of introduction of guidance and counseling to improve mental wellness of students, assigning a room for dance practice and introduction of new subjects to face the future challenges are the activities initiated by her. Projects are planned to encourage non-academic staff. Security rooms were built for security guards.

The office which is vital to a school was renovated. Rooms were allocated to Deputy Principal, Vice Principal to do their duties well. Teachers and principal are doing well concentrating on the following skills, working organization, positive attitudes, communication skills, management skills, time management, problem solving, flexibility work well in stress situations. They are very keen to improve the above skills. Ministry of Education noticed her activities and appointed as the permanent Principal of this school on the 02.02.2010.

Western band senior group was reorganized. Junior and primary group percussion band grew immensely with lot of students and won 1st place in island level competition. Sports in Divisional, Zonal, Provincial and National level. Drama competition (English, Tamil) Debate, swimming, chess, carom etc and St.Johns, Leo, Interact Girls Guide are conducted well by the teachers in charge of each. To give opportunity to students participated in international level competition students were taken to Laknow,India to win international level in “Geofirst Olympaid” in 2009.Our principal Mrs.Kothai Nagularajah has taken steps to organize an eastern band and involved music and dance teachers.

Our school community is happy and proud when our principal was awarded “Piratheepa Piraba” award by the president at president’s house by assessing our school achievement in western province. There was a walk that took place on the 07.01.2012 organized in view of the 30th year celebration. This was followed by an exhibition on the january11th & 12th 2012 to show the talents of our students.30th year founder’s day and Kalai Vizha beautifully held at Ramakrishna mission hall.