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Ramadian Premier League-2015

Venue:-Bambalapitiya Flats Grounds.
Time:-2.30 p.m onwards.

Team names:

  1. Samurai
  2. Sisle( school team)
  3. RR team
  4. Fire dragons.

RPL-2015commenced with the declaration by our chief guest madam Principal Mrs.Kothai Nagularajah.
The game started with number tossing. Our teacher Mrs.satkurunathan and Ms Menaka, Mrs Anthony and MsJohnston too attended the event along with SDC members Mrs Vasavan, Mr Kumarathas, Mr.loganathan.
1st match was held between Sisle and samurai, the winning team was Sisle (school team ).

2nd match was between RR team and Fire dragons. RR team was the winner of the battle
The third match was between the two losing teams, fire dragons and samurai. The winning team was Fire dragons and were placed at 3rd and 4th respectively of the tournament.
The grand finale was between Sisle and RR team. Sisle was announced as the winning team.
RR team was declared as the runners up.

The final match was followed by the awarding ceremony.

All the 4 teams were awarded trophies by our Madame Principal.

The umpires of the RPL matches, Mr. Arun and Mr.Jhonston were given a token of appreciation.

Mrs .Arunthadhi provided us with electricity facility and Mrs. Malathy Vasavan (SDC) provided short eats and supported in giving life (What do you want to say here) to the RPL-2015.

Dulux sound system supported us with sound system.

Miss Sutheshans Sothilingam supported the matches with her live commentary and added colors to the event.

Event was supported and cheered by our old girls, who made their presence and graced this occasion and the event ended happily with frat success.

Founders day 2015

January 18th is the founder’s day of our school, we celebrated the special day by cutting a cake remarking and remembering the people behind as backbones to establish a school for Hindu girls in Colombo city. We as OGA, celebrated the special day providing sweets to all the students.


Book shop clearance sale held at the school for present school students in the year 2014.

The musical event was organized by the fund raising sub committee (2011 A/L Batch) as a major fund raiser for the OGA Books Shop.

Stall & Table Sale for women based products ranging from cosmetics, food, dresses, education, and equipment. Stalls were bought by famous textiles such as Ranjanas 7TH Stories and the majority was individual women entrepreneurs from the city.
This was all in all a women only trade air

We the Old Girls Association of 2014/15 organized A trade Stall fair cum fund raiser on 6th April 2014
Sunday From 9 am to 6 pm at Ramanathan Hindu Ladies College, Colombo 04 premise. The objective of the event was

  • Create sisterhood by bringing past & present students of RHLC for interaction.
  • Encourage Women Entrepreneurs by giving them a platform to garner publicity.
  • Support talented young women to venture independently to start own business.
  • Uplift the women’s spirit with free workshops and training sessions.
  • This was also a fund raising project by our OGA where the profits will be utilized for developmental activities of the school and students.

Teacher’s day 2014

Teacher’s day 2014 was held at Saraswathy Hall, Bambalapitiya. This was a very special day for all the teachers. There were programs held such as dance, drama and singing by our teachers. We as OGA gifted them with silver Tiffin carrier. Our members too participated for the event.

Children’s day 2014

The children day celebration was held at the school on (date). The whole school was so colourful celebrating the day, we offered all of them with chocolates and lower grade students were gifted with a very small gift (whistle) along with the sweets. Also, we managed to bring in the Donald duck to play with the kids this brought in so much happiness among the students.


24.02.2014: Exercise books required for Mulangavil Sunday school in Jaffna was donated from the stock of OGA book shop.


OGA DAY OUT – 2014

It was the first and foremost time a day out, we organized for the OGA members. Nearly 17 members, few with kids joined us to Palm Village hotel on 12th June 2014. Along with us our madam principal and teacher Mrs Prabahran too joined for the day out. We left from school by 9.30am and reached the hotel by 10.30.We were offered with some snacks and a welcome drink.

Ms.V.Renuka organised games the winners were gifted with some small gifts as a remembrance of this day. After this, we spent time in the pool and had lunch. Spend some leisure time talking/chatting with all and left the hotel by 4 pm.
It was a fun filled day for all of us and we still recall the moments spent together and of course planning for another for the next year as well.


In 2013, the Association has two folded its activities and achieved great success organizing another fund raising music extravaganza. This show was named as “RAMADIAN RAAGAAS-2013” an evening filled with music.

  • The Association toiled in achieving this success bringing the Vijay TV Airtel Super Singers Pragathi, Ajeedth, Sukanya and Anu. Due to the monumental interest, everyone is showing towards music, the Association succeeded this fund raising with the panoramic fund. The fund was raised with the postulate of establishing book shop building at the school premises.
  • Exercise books required for Mulangavil Sunday school in Jaffna was donated from the stock of OGA book shop.

Teacher’s day 2013

Teacher’s day 2013 was held at the school. This was the very first time of our committee of 2013/2014 =for the teachers day, which was a challenging one. We presented all the teachers with office wear sarees brought from 7 stories – Ranajans. Also should state here that Ranjanas was very thought full to us in providing a 50% on our purchase.

Children’s day 2013

The children day celebration was held at the school on (date). This was the very first project of our committee 2013/2014. We offered all of them with chocolates with small gifts such as bubbles and bracelets. This was a recalling event of our school days too.
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AGM 2013







During the year of 2011, we packed books for first-grade students and distributed it among the students.


OGA has taken part in the teachers’ day, Children’s day celebrations









‘NIRUTHIYATHAROTSAV’ ‘MODERN TRADITIONAL DANCING EVENT’- This program was held in Bambalapitiya, New Kathiresan Hall, on 22nd March 2008 at 6.30 pm. South Indian film celebrity and fabulous dancer Mr. Vineeth graced the occasion. This program was a success with warm welcome shown by the audience and chief guests. This program was organized by OGA as a fund raising project to construct an OGA building within the school premises.

Old Girls’ Association’s Book shop was declared open by College Principal Mrs. Kothai Nagularaj at the auspicious time on 05th January 2008.

The yoga class was started at school on 16th January 2008. Thirukural class was started on 21st January 2008. Kambavarithi. Mr. Jeyaraj came forward to conduct these classes free of charge. OGA agreed to pay the yoga conductor.

NEW YEAR CELEBRATION- New Year celebration was held at the school premises on 02nd May 2008. This event was organized to improve the relationship among teachers, students, and old students. All traditional New Year games were included in this event and OGA awarded gifts to winners.


In 1991, the Association a music extravaganza entitled as “Pallinam”. It not only unleashed the potential of our Ramadians, but also is still remembered one of the beneficial fund raisings that contributed to the establishment of a school computer laboratory.



  • The Association played an active part in activities of the school such as 21st-year Ceremony in 2002, Silver Jubilee in 2006, and the 30th Anniversary Ceremony in 2012.
  • During School anniversary every year sweets were distributed to all school students by the OGA.
  • Every year the OGA gave gifts honoring our teachers on Teachers’ Day.
  • Exercise books, ice cream, chocolates, and toys are given to school children every year remarking the Children’s Day. And also special drawing competition is conducted every year and gifts given to them as an encouragement.
  • OGA has introduced indoor games such as badminton and chess for school students. And also provided necessary facilities for students to actively take part in these indoor games. As a part of this initiative, OGA has provided salaries for the coaches.
  • Also, OGA has sponsored champions’ trophies of the junior and senior champions on school annual sports meet every year.